from monday april 18th, clutter in the courtyard will air on kro-ncrv

Lemming Film’s drama series Clutter in the Courtyard (Het herriehofje) is available on NPO Zappelin and NPO Start from Monday morning April 18th.

In this series consisting of ten episodes, we follow the adventures of six-year-old Hiba, Abel, Jessie, Romy, Asha and Matteo. Together they live in the coziest courtyard on earth: Het herriehofje. The various residents and their many divergent opinions ensure that the courtyard is always busy and noisy.

A conversation starter for parent and child
From saying goodbye, to being in love; and from feeling alone, to being afraid of the dark. Each episode focuses on a different recognizable theme for preschoolers. The series provides parents the necessary tools to discuss "complicated" feelings and situations with toddlers.

Besides the main roles for children, played by Ameya Sharma, Jayden Mvuama, Simone Canaris, Ailani Powel, Romy Heere and Ravi van Eijndhoven, well-known Dutch actors can also be seen as adult residents of the courtyard.

Waldemar Torenstra features as one of the children's fathers with other roles being played by Arjan Ederveen, Esmée van Kampen, Murth Mossel, Leona Philippo, Matteo van der Grijn, Eva Van der Gucht and Henriëtte Tol.

Clutter in the Courtyard is a production of Lemming Film in collaboration with KRO-NCRV. The direction is in the hands of Meikeminne Clinckspoor (whose previous work includes Doopie and Cloudboy) and the scripts are written by Saar Ponsioen (who won an award at the Student Oscars with When Grey is a Colour). The series was created with support from the NPO Fund.

Clutter in the Courtyard, from Monday, April 18th, every working day at 07.30 in the morning on NPO Zappelin. The series can also be seen on NPO Start and on also as of Monday, April 18th.

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