Lemming Film


I am Willem - season III

The third season of I am Willem

Willem has turned 15 in the meantime. He stays behind at home when his mother  leaves to recover somewhere else. Both his father as his brother Mick promise to keep an eye, but when Willem needs them they are never there. He also falls in love with a girl who doesn't seem to notice him. Then he decides to take control....


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director Mijke de Jong, Anna van der Heidescript Jan Eilander, Jolein Laarmanrelease 2009length 8 x 20 minproducers Eva Eisenloeffel, Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster VPRO Villa Achterwerkdirector of photography TonPeters, Maarten van Rossemsound Jac Vleeshouwers, Joost Roskamcasting Elskes Kast Casting, Kemna Castingproduction design Jolein Laarmancostume design Monica Petithair & make-up Trudy Bureneditor Dorith Vinkenfinanciers & funds Stimuleringsfonds