Lemming Film


School sick

The Albert Schweitzerschool in Haarlem looks just like any other school. Screaming children in the schoolyard, running children in the hallways and silence between lessons.

Still, the Albert Schweitzerschool is anything but ordinary. It's an elementary school for children that have been sick for a long time. Children who, because of their disease, cannot attend a regular elementary school and therefore end up in special schools. There are a lot of students with asthma or allergies. Other children have a disease that demands for very special care. Students with a stoma who need help catheterize themselves or with a kidney disease, so blood pressure needs to be measured every day.


director Menna Laura Meijerrelease 2001length 5 x 25 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster VPROdirector of photography Maasja Ooms, Jaap Veldhoen, Bert Haitsmasound Hens van Rooy, Maria Mok, Rik Meiereditor Albert Markus