Lemming Film


Not all that 'The World' does is good for a Mennonite

This film draws a probing picture of the life and problems of the Mennonites in Mexico; a religious movement with Dutch roots, that radically rejects technological advancement and accompanying consumption-culture in an attempt to keep its traditions and religion as pure as possible.

In extraordinary images, the poetic and yet realistic story of a micro-culture on its quest to salvation is told. A voyage that leads to an insolvable dilemma between tradition and progress, between God and the world, between consistency and willingness to compromise.


director Lut Vandekeybusscript Luc Verheyen, Lut Vandekeybusrelease 1999length 58 min / 50 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vries, Marco van Geffenco producers IKON televisie / Inti Films (België) / Sokan (België)director of photography Sander Snoepsound Rik Meiereditor Ewin Ryckaertfinanciers & funds Het Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, Fonds Film in Vlaanderen, CoBO Fonds