Lemming Film


New Comrads

Anti globalists is what they call themselves. They are the example of a new generation of activists that protest under any circumstances for a better division of welfare and against the war in Iraq. In the Netherlands the movement doesn't have a lot of folowers, but abroad it is already an 'army' to take into account. In this documentary director Simone Timmer studies the world of International Socialists, a group that is part of a great anti-globalists and anti-capitalistic movement. This small, but politically active group is inspired by classic figures such as Marx and Engels. With old theories adapted to these times, these radical activists take action. They are convinced that the outbreak of a revolution is only a matter of time, and after this there will be a new and better world.


director Simone Timmerrelease 2003length 50 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesco producers IKONbroadcaster IKONdirector of photography Wiro Felixsound Hens van Rooijeditor Albert Markussound design Jeroen Goeijers