Lemming Film


Before I Die

The death of a loved one or yourself, always announces itself unexpected. For a moment nothing is the same anymore. 'Before I Die' is a portrait of four people who have looked death into the eye. A confrontation that has big consequences for the way they live their lives now.

On his deathbed, Els' father entrusts her that he did not live the life he wanted. His confession causes a turn point in the life of Els. She starts to look for who she is and what she wants and promises herself that she wants to look at her life happily.

Humprey works as a bouncer at a club. He gets heavily injured at a fight and barely survives. Through this experience he becomes a different person, a more sensitive person. But his environment doesn't change with him and slowly he loses everything: his wife, his children and his work.

Tjitske has had a gut feeling for a while now; something is going the change. During a holiday abroad she is diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and she knows this is what she expected. After a year full of pain, insecurity and sorrow she concludes that it is way too early to die, but she is able to do it.

Melanie is very sick and knows she has only a few years left. She makes a video letter for her daughter Anniek. Melanie wants her daughter to realize how important and beautiful the little things are. Enjoy, she tells her. Enjoy this moment because time is precious if you know you are dying. 


director Menna Laura Meijerrelease 2004length 40 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster IKONdirector of photography Bert Haitsmasound Benny Janseneditor Albert Markuscomposer David Spaansfinanciers & funds Rotterdam Fonds voor de Film en Audiovisuele Media, Van Bijleveltstichting