Lemming Film


Dolle Zina

A portrait of a new Dutch generation women: Funda Mujde, Nazmiye Oral, Oya Capelle, Amina Meliani and Myriam Sahraoui. A lot of times these woman come from Morocco or Turkey, totally unprepared, to the Netherlands. Leaving everything behind, their parents took them as a child to a strange country with a language they couldn't understand. In an honest way, they tell how their lifes developed from there . This leads to intimate stories about raising children, puberty, sex and marrying off someone. 'When people talked about marry off someone, I thought: too bad, but that doesn't happen anymore. But I always forget that this happened to me as well.'


director Mijke de Jongrelease 2004length 40 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesco producers Humanistische Omroepbroadcaster Humanistische Omroepdirector of photography Meral Uslusound Simone Galavazi, Maria Mokeditor Dorith Vinkenfinanciers & funds Mama Cash