Lemming Film


Little Peace of Mine

Nadav is a charismatic Israeli twelve-year-old with a heightened sense of social and political awareness. After a long summer of terrorist bombings, including one that he actually witnessed, he decides to try and change the status quo. He starts a new movement Peace for the Future, consisting entirely of children. They will succeed where adults had failed and bring the long-awaited peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Nadav expects tens of thousands of children to join him. His enthusiasm is contagious and his friends are quickly caught up in his sense of mission. It is a long eventful journey through the corridors of local politics. By appearing on a news show, they quickly become media stars and are on their way to reaching their first goal; a series of meetings with Palestinian children their own age, living in East Jerusalem.

The film is more than a story about children's attempt to bring peace to the region. It is also a portrait of Nadav and his coming of age. Durin the film, Nadav comes to the realization that maintaining a true relationship with one Palestinian girl is a crucial step towards the dialogue he has dreamt of having with thousands of Palestinian kids. 



director Eyal Avnerirelease 2005length 56 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesco producers Eden productions / Edna & Elinor Kowarskybroadcaster Humanistische Omroepfinanciers & funds Stichting DOEN