Lemming Film

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Pain is a warning, a signal. Without pain you could put yourself in great danger; eating too much, burn or exhaust your body. On one hand pain belongs to life, but on the other hand pain also screams for a solution; a pill or treatment that can make it disappear. If this solution is not around, modern people are thrown off. One of five people in the Netherlands has chronicle pains, pain that can last for years and is permanently.

Documentary maker Suzanne Raes filmed at the consulting hour in a doctors practice. From there she follows six people whose lives are controlled mainly by pain.


director Suzanne Raesrelease 2005length 50 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesco producers IKONbroadcaster IKONdirector of photography Mark Bakkersound Maria Mok e.a.editor Bart van den Broekfinanciers & funds ZonMw , VSB Fonds, Centraal Fonds RVVZ