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Kinderen van mijn vader - regie Meral Uslu

My Fathers Children

My father's children is Meral Uslu's search for the person behind her father, Ata Uslu. 

From a traditional Turkish village where he had a family, this charming adventurer landed in the Netherlands in the sixties. He thoroughly enjoyed his freedom leaving him with various children from various women. Through conversations with her (half-) brothers and sisters Meral tries to discover her father's personality and course of life, but also what paternity means to his children.  



director Meral Uslurelease 2005length 52 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster NPSdirector of photography Meral Uslusound Maria Mokeditor Bert Rijkelijkhuizendistributor Deckert Distribution