Lemming Film


Real Men

In the old days men used to be just men and woman were happy with this. But the past 50 years a lot of male features became old-fashioned very fast. Men are no longer in control, no longer the smartest or the strongest. But how does this 'new man' look like? Portraits, interviews and scenes give an intimate, funny and surprising image of the Dutch man nowadays. A diverse film that shows men in their daily life as during very special moments like the birth of their child or marriage. With letting go of classical definitions space is created for a more open definition of masculinity.


director Menna Laura Meijerrelease 2005length 54 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster Humanistische Omroepdirector of photography Bert Haitsma, Maasja Oomssound David Spaanseditor Albert Markusfinanciers & funds Rotterdams Fonds voor de Film en Audiovisuele Media, VSB Fonds