Lemming Film



A documentary series which portrays three kids with overweight. In XL they tell us how they deal with their weight and follow them in their fight against overweight.

We see Naomi, who is not influenced by her weight in daily life. She subscribes for a casting agency for children. Priscilla has lost eighteen kilos and now her dream to play a main role in a musical has come true. Ever since Lennart has lost weight he is no longer being teased and therefore he enjoys life again.


director Wilma Ligthartrelease 2005length 3 x 25 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster VPROdirector of photography Maasja Ooms, Peter de Kocksound Jan Wouter Stam, Eric Leek, Maria Mokeditor Bertil Dubach, Berenike Rozgonyicomposer Theo van der Lindendistributor NPO Sales