Lemming Film


Ayla, the tsunami girl

With her father, mother, brothers and sister, Ayla (11) goes on holiday to Sri Lanka. When she goes to the hotel room to get the towels, she notices that the sea is very high. At the moment everybody begins to scream and run she is taken along by the tsunami. Going under, all she can think is: "I'll survive, because otherwise my family will survive and I won't." Kalu, the fruit salesman from the beach, in the end manages to get her out of the water.

In this short documentary film by Wilma Ligthart, Ayla's experience is shown as an animation using Ayla's own drawings.


director Wilma Ligthartrelease 2005length 15 minproducers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster VPROdirector of photography Maasja Oomssound Jan Wouter Stameditor Albert Markussound design Huibert Boondistributor NPB Sales