Lemming Film


One Night Stand: Absolutely Positive

Dennis (16) is HIV-positive. His mother recently passed away and he moved in with his aunt. Although Aunt Marie has good intentions, she doesn't know how to handle him at all. It drives Dennis crazy. At his new school he keeps himself apart from others. Until he meets Sara. Dennis falls madly in love with Sara but he is extremely frightened to get intimate with her. How do you tell someone that you are HIV positive?


director Kate Brownscript Kate Brownrelease 2006producers Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster NPS, VPRO, VARAmain cast Hunter Bussemaker, Lore Dijkmandirector of photography Lex Brandsound Kees de Grootcasting Kemna Castingcostume design Monica Petithair & make-up Françoise Moleditor Peter Alderliestensound design Paul Bijpostfinanciers & funds Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties, CoBo Fonds