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Schnitzel Paradise - the series

SCHNITZEL PARADISE - THE SERIES is a multi cultural comedy serie loosely based on the 2005 box office hit of the same name. The series tells the story before the film, in which Sander, the character craving for power, is still an innocent guy. Sander wants more in life, and he decides to travel to Africa, so that he can contribute something positive to the world. To fulfill his dream he only needs to earn some money in restaurant De Blauwe Gier. But nothing goes as planned. Sander meets the wonderful Femke and he decides to keep his job as dish washer, in spite of the awful work conditions. In between the four walls of the kitchen, other rules and different laws apply. Sander needs to learn these rules and laws very quickly, or he will drown in his own washing-up water.


director Marco van Geffen, Arne Toonenscript Marco van Geffen, Philip Delmaar, Shariff Nasr, Melle Runderkamprelease 2008producers Eva Eisenloeffel, Leontine Petit, Joost de Vriesbroadcaster BNNmain cast Mischa Hulshof, Yahya Gaier, Gürkan Küçüksentürk, Eva van de Wijdevendirector of photography Aage Hollandersound Sander den Broeder, Coen Gravendaalcasting Oi Mundoproduction design Minka Moorencostume design Monica Petithair & make-up Claudette Voorneditor The Ambassadors