Lemming Film

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After an imposing raid by a Dutch-Belgian police taskforce, the arrest of the small-time criminal Richard Thurd interlocks the stories of four seemingly separate individuals. Dutch detective Jasper seizes the opportunity to make a difference when he discovers that Thurd has access to essential information concerning a gigantic criminal network, though his investigation forces him to manoeuver between the legal and the illegal. He is assisted by Petra - the Belgian founder of the taskforce - but are her intentions truly honourable? In the meantime, the ambitious Dutch political science student Murat is forced to take over as head of one of the largest Turkish criminal families. Murat, who has always stayed clear of his criminal family, suddenly realizes that his political career might actually profit from his new position. He is assisted by Belgian thrill-seeker Camiel, who finds refuge with Murat after his gang is in-prisoned in the aftermath of the recent police raid. As a result, the lines separating the criminal world and the justice department slowly fade away.


director Shariff Korverscript Marco van Geffengenre Crimerelease 2018length 8 x 50 min Dutchproducers Lemming Film (NL)co producers A Private View (BE)broadcaster KPNmain cast Rifka Lodeizen, Teun Luijkx, Jack Wouterse, Marie Louise Stheins, Bart Slegers, Chris Nietvelt, Hans Dagelet, Rene Van Asten, Jan Bijvoet, Abke Haringdirector of photography Melle Van Essensound Lennert Hunfeldcasting Oi Mundo Casting, Rebecca Van Unenproduction design Wilbert Van Dorpcostume design Ann Lauweryshair & make-up Joan Tjon A Hiesound design Michel Schopping, Vincent Sinceretticomposer Kaveh Vares, René Thieworldsales TBD