Lemming Film



When young idealistic lawyer Stephan starts his dream job working for the UN, he discovers that private army Augustus was hired by the UN to transport food trucks in a highly dangerous area. Something feels horribly wrong as the complete operation disappeared from almost all the UN records. Shocked by the way the incident is covered up and the continued disappearance of numerous people, he seeks to find the truth. However, in order to uncover the truth he first needs to confront his own past and his darker side. When he finally discovers what happened he has to decide whether to reveal the truth and become a whistleblower, accepting that the truth could have grueling consequences.


director TBDscript Marco van Geffen, Philip Delmaargenre Political thrillerlength 8 x 50 min Dutch, Englishproducers Lemming Filmco producers A Private View (BE)broadcaster AVROTROSworldsales TBD