Lemming Film

Snackbar 6I4003 © Ton Peters
Snackbar 6I4042 © Ton Peters
Snackbar 0240 © Victor Arnolds


This snackbar, owned by Ali, in a suburb of Rotterdam is a refuge for the local Moroccan youth. They are wild, violent and criminal. To them Ali is like an old, trustworthy Turkish uncle, understanding, funny but also strict. But what if Ali, with his addiction to gambling jeopardizes their habitat? SNACKBAR is a film, which is as hard, funny, tragic, wild and unpredictable as life itself.


director Meral Usluscript Stan Lapinskirelease 2012length 83 minproducers Leontine Petit, Marleen Slot, Joost de Vries, Denis Vaslinco producers Volya Films (NL)broadcaster RTV Rijmondmain cast Ali Cifteci, Ilias Addab, Aziz Akazim, Mamoen Elyounoussi, Larbi Ahmed Salah, Iliass Ojjadirector of photography Ton Peters, N.S.C.sound Diego van Udencasting Marc van Bree, Shira Haleviproduction design Ben Zuydwijkcostume design Sara Hakkenberghair & make-up Henna Leeeditor Floor Rodenburgsound design Ranko Paukoviccomposer Rutger Reindersfinanciers & funds Rotterdam Media Fonds, Nederlands Filmfondsdistributor Cinema Delicatessen (NL)