Lemming Film


Marvin's Return

When he is released from prison after twenty years, Marvin Hacks (40) walks out wearing the same Adidas tracksuit he had on when he was arrested as a teenager, and begins to make his way home on his skateboard. His hometown is Clovis, a small, quiet American town, where the people have still not forgiven him for the atrocity he committed all those years ago. 

After evenings of playing cards, eating canned pasta and drinking beer, Marvin and his terminally ill mother Bernadette (57) are slowly able to reconnect. Marvin also takes a liking to Delta (22) with her bomber jacket, brash manner and black and white dyed hair. 

What he doesn’t know though, is that Delta is one of the Flintow family, who have by no means forgotten that it was none other than Marvin who killed their grandmother. 

The Flintow clan make it clear to Marvin, on no uncertain terms, that there is no place for him in Clovis anymore. But regardless of how much he has to put up with, Marvin stands his ground and is prepared to accept the repercussions of the crime he committed – whatever the cost...


director Franka Potentascript Franka Potentagenre dramarelease 2020length 100 Englishproducers Augenschein Filmproduktion (GE)co producers Lemming Film (NL) main cast Jake McLaughlin, Kathy Bates, Lil Rel Howerydirector of photography Frank Griebe