Lemming Film


Rain Anyway

RAIN ANYWAY is about Lucien Vindeveughel who is born with a magnetic
power. The entire tableware keeps getting stuck to him but his father doesn’t allow him to show it. Secretly, Lucien dreams of a life as an artist, being a magician and doing tricks with birds. When WWI arrives, he joins a traveling circus. He doesn’t only become an artist but he also grows up. But his old life comes back, pulling him back where he came from and turning him into a disappointed man. His talent is lost and the world doesn’t fit him anymore - but he also doesn’t fit in the world anymore.


director Gust van den Berghescript Gust van den Bergherelease 2019length 100 min Dutchproducers Minds Meet (BE)co producers Lemming Film (NL)distributor Eyes Meat (BENELUX)worldsales The Coproduction office