Lemming Film


Taking Leave

Original title: De Laatkomer

Based on the novel by Dimitri Verhulst's ’The Latecomer', this film tells the story about a 73-year-old who takes revenge on his dull, loveless, ordinary existence by pretending he is suffering from dementia. He regains the self-esteem he has lost in his marriage when, one unforgettable day, hale and hearty, he is placed in a home for senile senior citizens. There he takes everyone in by pretending to be a demented, incontinent old codger nearing the end of his days. The role of his life. And the situation becomes even more promising when a demented childhood sweetheart suddenly turns up in the home.

Part of Inside Pictures 2017 workshop, awarded with ‘most likely to be made film’ and ‘best numbers film’ awards.


director Lourens Blokscript Jeroen Scholten van Aschatoriginal title De Laatkomer