Lemming Film


The Wolf, the Fox & the Leopard

THE WOLF, THE FOX & THE LEOPARD is a story about the (in)ability of man. A story about strength, faith and the ability to create an alternate reality. Or actually, it goes beyond just creating, it is not created, it is. A matter of perception that one no longer makes the one more true than the other. Issues and experiences that we are battling nowadays. More beautiful versions of yourself on the internet, the manufacturability of the world around you, but also a belief in being or in a god or a greater whole, and the battle that seems to come with this. Fortunately, this film plan has a dark comedy feeling, because if we were going to deal with all the above super seriously, is in our opinion the danger would be that we might drown in big, heavy issues.


director David Verbeekscript David Verbeek Englishproducers Lemming Filmworldsales TBD