Lemming Film

Pat & Mat the Film

While hammering, sawing and drilling, these two do-it-yourself neighbours make their own houses unsafe. No problem is too big for them. A je to! (... And it's done!). In PAT & MAT THE FILM the good friends go on an extraordinary journey, where they conquer the most unexpected problems. Will they ever make it home in one piece? Fortunately Pat & Mat will solve all the problems with their brilliant imaginative ideas. The sparkling element of PAT & MAT is not only the humour but also their optimistic view on life, which is obviously entertaining for young and old.


script Marco van Geffengenre Stop-Motion Puppet Animationlength 75 min Dutch, Englishproducers Lemming Filmco producers Hamster Film (DE)broadcaster VPROdistributor September Film (NL)