Lemming Film


When their parents leave for the weekend, three children stay home alone in the big villa. Eleven-year-old Lauren adores her 5 year older brother Wout. Wout likes his little sister as well, but he lives his own life, just like her 14-year-old sister Marit. A life that Lauren knows nothing about. She feels excluded and decides to take a step she is not yet ready to take.


director Sacha Polakscript Gerry de Hooghrelease 2012broadcaster NTRmain cast Annabel Dirkzwager, Abbey Hoes, Niels Gompertsdirector of photography Ruben Impenssound Evelien van der Molenproduction design Minka Moorencostume design Sara Hakkenbergeditor Annelies van Woerdensound design Herman Pieëtecomposer Ruter Reindersfinanciers & funds Nederlands Filmfonds, Media Fonds en CoBO