Lemming Film



An ordinary group teenagers at an ordinary school in an ordinary town turn extraordinary hateful to one of their peers. A character study that follows this group teenagers in trying to find a reason for this senseless act. DUSK is an ensemble film loosely based on events that shook the Dutch nation in 2003; the sixteen-year-old Maja Braderic was found dead and a year later a group of her high school friends were found guilty of her murder.


director Hanro Smitsmanscript Anjet Danjerelease 2010length 90 minproducers Corrino Filmsco producers Lemming Filmbroadcaster VARAmain cast Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuijzen, Melody Klaver, Robert Hoog, Gaite Jansen, Roos Netjes, Gerson Oratmangoendirector of photography Joost Rietdijksound Victor Horstinkcasting Janusz Gosschalk, Matijs Wesselsproduction design Joyce van Diepenhair & make-up Robert Stouthamereditor Marc Bechtoldsound design Jan Schermerdistributor Independent Films