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    Rifka Lodeizen and Teun Luijkx will play the leads in the new eight-part crime series PHOENIX, produced by Lemming Film in cooperation with KPN Presents.

    In PHOENIX Jara (Rifka Lodeizen) and Rens (Teun Luijkx) return to the south of Holland to confront the demons of their pasts.
    The series is directed by Shariff Korver (Penoza, Black Tulip II, Klem, the Intruder), head-writer is Marco van Geffen (Schnitzel Paradise, Among Us, Black Tulip II).

    In PHOENIX the fading border between those who uphold the law in the south (Brabant) and the criminals who don’t, is revealed. Brabant, where toxic waste is dumped in the fields and XTC-labs are run in pig farms, but also where politicians and law enforcers are closely connected to the criminals. Slowly Jara and Rens are getting more and more entangled in the criminal and judiciary web that is reaching from Brabant to the harbours of Antwerp and the Spanish Costa del Sol.

    Producer Fleur Winters: "We are proud that with PHOENIX, we again have the opportunity to produce a high quality TV series,with a strong recognizable Dutch theme with the ambition to also appeal to a broad international audience, just as the series HOLLANDS HOPE. We are extremely happy that we are working on this project with talented creatives such as Shariff Korver, Marco van Geffen and the rest of the writers and crew and committing Rifka Lodeizen en Teun Luijkx as leading actors to the show. We are looking forward to announce the rest of the cast the upcoming months."

    PHOENIX is produced by Lemming Film in cooperation with KPN Presents. Filming will start February 2017. The series are eight episodes of 50 minutes and will be available at KPN Presenteert.


    Rifka Lodeizen en Teun Luijkx gaan de hoofdrollen vertolken in de nieuwe achtdelige crimeserie FENIX, geproduceerd door Lemming Film in samenwerking met KPN Presenteert. In FENIX  keren Jara (Rifka Lodeizen) en Rens (Teun Luijkx) terug naar Brabant om de confrontatie met de demonen uit hun verleden aan te gaan. De serie wordt geregisseerd door Shariff Korver (Penoza, Zwarte Tulp II, Klem, Infiltrant), hoofdschrijver is Marco van Geffen (Schnitzelparadijs, Onder Ons, Zwarte Tulp II).

    In FENIX wordt de steeds vager wordende grens tussen de boven- en onderwereld in crimineel Brabant blootgelegd. Het Brabant waar chemisch afval wordt gedumpt in weilanden en XTC-labs worden gerund in leegstaande varkensstallen, maar ook waar politici en justitie dicht op de criminelen zitten. Langzaamaan raken Jara en Rens steeds meer verstrengeld in het web van de justitiële en criminele wereld, die onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden zijn en die reiken tot aan de havens van Antwerpen en de Spaanse Costa del Sol.

    Producent Fleur Winters: “We zijn trots dat we met FENIX wederom een kwaliteitsserie met een sterk - voor Nederland herkenbaar - thema produceren, die net als de serie HOLLANDS HOOP internationaal aansprekend zal zijn. We zijn ontzettend blij dat we met getalenteerde makers als Shariff Korver en Marco van Geffen en de rest van de schrijvers en crew dit project realiseren en dat Rifka Lodeizen en Teun Luijkx als hoofdrolspelers aan de serie verbonden zijn. We kijken ernaar uit komende maanden ook de rest van de cast bekend te maken.”

    FENIX wordt geproduceerd door Lemming Film in samenwerking met KPN Presenteert. De opnames starten in februari 2017. De serie bestaat uit acht delen van 50 minuten en zal te bekijken zijn via KPN Presenteert.



    This year’s EUROPEAN CO-PRODUCTION AWARD – Prix EURIMAGES, an award acknowledging the decisive role of co-productions in the European film industry, goes to Dutch producer Leontine Petit.


    Leontine Petit is CEO and producer at Lemming Film in the Netherlands and Hamster Film in Germany. Before working in film production, she studied at the University of Amsterdam where she earned her Master in Philosophy.


    Between 1995 and 1998 she was responsible for the television programme of the Cinekid Film & Television Festival in Amsterdam, from 1998 to 2002 advisor for youth features for the Netherlands Film Fund, from 2003 to 2007 board member of the Binger Filmlab and board member of the Dutch MEDIA Desk. From 2005 until 2009 she was advisor for the film committee of the Dutch Council of Culture. She regularly teaches at various media schools. In 2014 she was part of the founding team of ‘Bridging the Dragon', an association connecting European and Chinese film professionals.


    Among her films as a producer are SPOON by Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen (2005), EEP! by Ellen Smit (2009), TONY 10 by Mischa Kamp (2012) TAKING CHANCES (2011) and THE DAY MY FATHER BECAME A BUSH (2016), both by Nicole van Kilsdonk, and FULL CONTACT by David Verbeek (2016). She also co-produced EFA winner OXYGEN by Hans van Nuffel (European Discovery 2011), EFA nominee ¡VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS! by Victor Kossakovsky (2011), Sergei Loznitsa’s IN THE FOG, winner of the FIPRESCI Award in Cannes 2012, HELI by Amat Escalante (2014) and EFA winner THE LOBSTER by Yorgos Lanthimos (European Screenwriter & Costume Designer 2015). Most of these films have been supported by Eurimages.


    The EUROPEAN CO-PRODUCTION AWARD – Prix EURIMAGES will be presented during the European Film Awards Ceremony on Saturday, 10 December, in Wroclaw (Poland), European Capital of Culture 2016.


    Berlin and Strasbourg, 15 November 2016