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  • Premiere Monos

    Our co-production Monos went into premiere on the Sundance Film Festival. Great reactions and good reviews, here from Screen Daily;

    A battle for survival takes many forms in Monos, a tense tale of child soldiers, their hostage and the dangerous forces that imperil them both. With clear references to Lord Of The Flies, this meditative thriller from director Alejandro Landes (Porfirio) pushes into familiar terrain but seeks its own path, shifting our sympathies and broadening its perspective so that we see many of these characters as both victims and villains.

    read rest of article here @ScreenDaily

    And here director Alejandro Landes on his movie also @ScreenDaily



    Lemming Film appoints producer Fleur Winters as co-CEO alongside founder and current CEO Leontine Petit. The appointment is in line with Lemming Film's strategy to increase its position both nationally and internationally as an independent production company in the field of both film and drama series. Leontine Petit will mainly focus on feature films and Fleur Winters on drama series.


    Fleur Winters started at Lemming Film in 2015 as a producer to expand the series branch. Winters has more than 15 years of experience in the media where she worked at The Coproduction Office and Endemol International. After producing the series FENIX ​​(KPN, 2018) Lemming Film is currently the main producer of the largest Dutch series ever made; the vampire series HEIRS OF THE NIGHT (director: Diederik van Rooijen). In addition, several national and international series are under development.


     Leontine Petit: "I am delighted that Fleur Winters will become the co-CEO of Lemming Film, and her years of experience in the TV industry and her extensive international network are of great value for the continued growth of the Lemming Film series branch. Fleur will further strengthen the synergy between the feature films and drama series that we make at Lemming Film. "


    Fleur Winters: "Lemming Film is a beautiful independent production company with a long track record in qualitative productions and a highly experienced and enthusiastic team, under the enthusiastic leadership of Leontine Petit. The international market for drama series is changing rapidly and I look forward to it to anchor Lemming Film even more firmly at European level and to produce interesting, high-quality, innovative and quirky drama series with driven makers. “